Halloween Cupcakes

I don’t really ‘celebrate’ Halloween, but this year, I was invited to a friends Halloween party and not wanting to turn up empty handed, I decided to make some cupcakes.

I made two designs – monsters and eyeballs.  The monster design is from the Planet Cakes (first) book.

Monster 1

I thought I’d give them all a bit of personality by changing their eyes a little.

Monster 2

I came across some eyeball lollies at Aldi and thought they’d make an easy design for the second batch of cupcakes.  Although I felt I should’ve put a health warning on the lollies on the eyeball cupcakes as it was just a gelatinous ball of ewwe, it almost felt like rubber.

Eyeball cupcakes sans 'blood'

At first I was going to leave them with the plain white fondant, but I thought it needed a little something else, so I added a drop of red food colouring and let it drip off the eye ball and run off the fondant.

Bloody Eyeballs!

And it was a big hit with the kids, though next time if I know there’s going to be toddlers eating it, I won’t use the black fondant again, lots of sticky black hands and faces!




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